Storm Surf on Ocean Point

Storm Surf on Ocean Point is a 30” x 40” commission. The clients requested a painting of surf that was powerful yet reflective of the beauty of Ocean Point. I did 6 plein air and studio studies of the surf and rocks at one requested location until I found the composition I was looking for.

In the final painting, I attempted to capture the power of the incoming surf: distant white caps, a translucent wave just beginning to break, another curled and crashing against the rocks. To achieve the beauty, I focused on the time just after a storm, when the sea is still churning rough and wild but the skies are parting and peaks of sun are breaking through the clouds and lighting up the rocks and water in a moment of promise. I also strived to capture the sense of calm that we witness in even the wildest of storms… between the crashing waves, when water pools in soft reflections and gently spills like waterfalls.

“Storm Surf on Ocean Point”, 30”x40” oil painting by Brad Betts, ASMA

“Storm Surf on Ocean Point”, 30”x40” oil painting by Brad Betts, ASMA

The studies completed for this commission are available for purchase:

Back in the Day, Somes Sound

“Back in the Day, Somes Sound” is a 30″ x 40″ painting commissioned by the Gallery at Somes Sound.  Basing my work on a circa 1900 black & white photograph, I wanted to bring life, color and light to this historic scene.  After visiting Somesville and studying old photographs, what amazed me the most was how much of this scene still exists today.  Painting and researching an historic moment in time is always a fulfilling journey… it creates a deep connection with the people and places of the past and it changes your view of the present.