Maine Stone Symposium

There is still time to visit the Maine Stone Symposium and see sculptors in action!

2019 Sculpture BBay Trail Map.jpg

The Maine Stone Symposium is being held outdoors on the public Boothbay Common in Boothbay, Maine.  With 3 of Down East Gallery's sculptors participating this year, we are pleased to be sponsors of this event.  

The Maine Stone Symposium is a 9-day public live carving demonstration by 9 notable Maine stone sculptors and international guests from Japan and Canada.  Public visiting hours are 10 to 4 daily and the symposium is free and open to all ages.  If you have not been to a symposium before, this is a must-see event... in just over one week, the sculptors craft beautiful forms of art from pieces of raw stone, it is truly fascinating to watch these sculptures come to life! 

Works of art created at the Symposium will be sold at the Boothbay Region Land Trust's Points of View Art Auction at Oak Point Farm on August 8. Tickets for the quadrennial art auction can be purchased from the Boothbay Region Land Trust at

Best wishes to Down East Gallery sculptors Andreas von Huene, Dick Alden and Dan Ucci and to all participating artists - we look forward to seeing your sculptures!