Andreas von Huene

Andreas von Huene


Andreas von Huene | Biography

I strive to create art that comes alive, wanting the medium itself to almost breathe life.  I enjoy challenging myself to create different levels of imagination within each individual work.

While I am continuously delighted to find new materials and skills to incorporate into my art practice, it is the wide range of projects and processes that will always serve as my most grand adventure.



Maine Coast Stone Symposium, 2017, co-organizer and participant

Viles Arboretum Sculpture Symposium 2014 and 2015 co-organizer and participant

Skulptoura Boeblingen/Mauren, Germany, Bildhauersymposium 2014: participant

Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium 2012: Participant

JC Stone Sculpture Symposium 2010 and 2011: participant

June LaCombe/ Sculpture 2004-2017

Turtle Gallery/Granite Sculpture- 2011-2017

Harbor Square Gallery 2008-2017

University of New England, Portland, Annual Sculpture Garden Invitational-2011-2107


Ichabod Washburn Award, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1993

Individual Artist Fellowship, Maine Arts Commission 1991


Stanford University MS in Engineering (Product Design) 1988 Master’s thesis: Landscape Bridges

Worcester Polytechnic Institute BS in Mechanical Engineering 1978